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Foil Transfer Gel is the perfect adhesive for transfer foil nail decoration and stickers, no crack or shrink, long-lasting and resistant. Cures under UV or LED lamps. Essential for all nail artists who love to add foil decorations.

How to: apply Foil Transfer Gel and cure for 30 seconds only, then apply the foil paper or sticker, press it down as needed, then start gently removing the layer and that’s it, ready to seal with a top coat.

  •  Foil Transfer Gel
  • Strong adhesive
  • For nail stickers, transfer foil and decoration
  • No cracking, shrink or lifting
  • Long-wear

Gel Glue is formulated with a medium-term viscosity which allows you to adhere bigger crystals & dusty shimmer. Crystals won’t ever fall until removal. This product is super resistant,  long-lasting and essential for nail artists who love crystals for decoration. Cure under LED or UV lamp.

  • Gel Glue – soak-off gel formula
  • Medium-term viscosity
  • Maximum adhesion and exceptional seal without lifting or falling
  • Adhesive agent for rhinestones, gems, crystals and dusty shimmer
  • Decoration will never fall until removal
  • Non-wipe
  • Long-wear

BLOSSOM Art Gel is designed to create a variety of effects on nails such as blooming, marble, floral prints, tie-dye, watercolor and much more, using Beyond Gel soak-off gel polish by LEGACY NAILS!

Hot to apply: after properly prepping the nail, apply a coat of Blossom Art Gel and then apply a drop of any color of BEYOND GEL soak-off gel polish by LEGACY NAILS, over the coat of Blossom Art Gel, now the color will start spreading and creating a blooming effect – you may let your creativity flow in order to create your desired design. After done, seal the effect with a layer of Brilliant Finish Gel and cure under LED or UV lamp.

  • Blossom art gel
  •  Provides a blooming effect for nails
  •  Creates Blooming, marble, floral prints, tie-dye, watercolor effect for   nails
  • Used with BEYOND GEL soak-off gel polish by LEGACY NAILS
  • Cure in LED Lamp for 1 minute or UV lamp for 2 minutes


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