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MARBLE EFFECT – Gel Ink: Intense, Harmony, Versatile, Delicacy, Oasis, and Attractive, six colors that will amaze you with their effects. It’s super easy to use because it dries instantly creating beautiful marble and watercolor effects. Add vibrant colors to your nails using all six colors together; you’ll never want to stop creating nail art with them.

How to apply: after properly prepping the nail and having the nail plate ready for decoration, you may start applying drops of different colors of Marble Effect as desired, then using a small brush and getting a small amount of pure acetone, start spreading the colors over the surface, creating a marbling effect. Seal the effect with Brilliant Finish Gel or Pro Finish Gel and cure under LED or UV lamp.

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MARBLE EFFECT – Gel Ink: Intense, Harmony, Versatile, Delicacy, Oasis, y Attractive. 6 diferentes colores que crearán hermosos y delicados diseños con efectos de mármol o acuarela en tus uñas. Son de secado inmediato y no querrás dejar de crear diseños en tus uñas.

Cómo utilizar: luego de preparar correctamente la uña natural y de tener listo la base con color, comienza a aplicar gotas de diferentes de colores de Marble Effect, luego humedece un poquito la punta de un pincel con acetona y comienza a esparcir los colores de Marble Effect para crear un efecto de acuarela – el diseño dependerá de la forma que esparzas los colores. Sella el diseño con Brilliant Finish Gel o Pro Finish Gel y cura en lámpara LED o UV.

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